Olav Røer Ellefsen
Profile picture of Scan Survey staff member, OLAV RØER ELLEFSEN

Olav Røer Ellefsen

Civil Engineer / Technical Manager

Telephone: +47 22 08 68 10
Mobile: +47 416 23 391


Scan Survey Civil Engineer – Technical Manager


Olav Røer Ellefsen is the Technical Manager of Scan Survey, responsible for the company’s development projects. Quality assurance is also an important part of the position, including ensuring the data flow from the survey process to delivery of the finished product to the client. Olav has a Master’s in Geomatics from NTNU in Trondheim, having written his thesis on terrestrial laser scanning. He has worked at Scan Survey AS since 2010.

Olav has expertise in creating seamless terrain models via data from aircraft / helicopter, car, terrestrial scanners and land surveys, as well as an expertise in analysis and the calculation of geodic networks. Several major projects that have benefited from his involvement include E16 Sandvika-Wøyen and Isi-Skaret, E16 Slomarka-Kongsvinger, E134 Gvammen-Århus, E6 Kolomoen-Kåterud, Rv23 Oslofjord tunnel, Campus Ås (NMBU), Rv22 Lillestrøm-Fetsund, Kolsåsbanen, E39 Rogfast and E6 Arnkvern-Moelv.