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train line track measurements inside a railway tunnel

Scan Survey AS - About Us

Scan Survey was established in 1989 by Jørgen Ravn. The company has since developed into one of Norway's leading measurement firms within the production of digital terrain models.

Our primary focus pertains to the measurement of both large and small building projects, establishing digital terrain models for transport planning, establishing benchmarks, and the analysis of geodetic networks. The data models our company produces are based on total station and static /RKT GNSS measurements, along with laser scanning by means of car-, aircraft- and helicopter-borne scanners, and ground-based equipment. Sonar and RPAS (drones) are also used when necessary.

Scan Survey also delivers data transformation between coordinate systems, contract follow-up, mass calculations, quality control of certificates, industrial measurement, and “as-built” documentation. Our focus is to produce quality data and always deliver a complete, flawless end-product. To achieve such, it is crucial to adapt a well-thought-out data flow, and the use of the latest technology within our field. Scan Survey will always strive to be innovative and continue to develop in tune with modern society’s requirements for knowledge and technology.

General Company Presentation

Scan Survey AS was established in 1989 and employs 31 surveying engineers. Our main activity is surveying and consulting in processes related to design, construction, and handover of civil projects.

Among our clients, our employees are known to be highly qualified. We offer services in:

  • Geodetic network:  Surveying and documentation of geodetic networks, quality control, and analysis.
  • Terrain Model:  Data from land surveying, plane-, car- and terrestrial scanning, drones (RPAS), and sonar. We specialize in seamless terrain models from multiple data sources.
  • Client Assistance:  Advice in surveying technical issues in the preparation of tenders, special descriptions. Tonnage controls, mass calculations, invoice controls, and geometric controls and as-built documentation to NVDB and FKB.

Our staff are well-versed in a wide range of software applications, which, when used together, can solve nearly any geomatic task:

  • GisLine Land / Map:  Control network and FKB map data.
  • FME:  Transformation between different formats and between different coordinate systems.
  • GeoCAD:  Processing surveyed data, special program for TIN modelling of the data from aircraft / car / terrestrial scanning. Processing surveyed SOSI code data and scanning for seamless TIN model.
  • Gemini Terrain:  Roads, pits, and underground data for stake out and quantification.
  • Cyclone:  Processing of scan data from terrestrial scanner.
  • 3DReshaper:  TIN modelling of 3D surfaces, tunnel (overhang). Geometric control of complex 3D geometry.
  • MicroStation:  Terrasolid, processing and classification of scanning from aircraft, helicopter, and car.
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D:  Presentation of models and results of surveys.
  • NovaPoint 19DCM:  Control and delivery of seamless TIN terrain models.

We use modern Leica GNSS-equipment and total stations. Every step in our production process, from field observations to the finished product, are efficient and quality assured. For near-coast, river, and sea bead mapping, we use SIMRAD sonar EA 300P. Sonar data is then incorporated into the TIN models.

Scan Survey is focused on providing solutions; we consider quality an integral part of our daily work routines.

Scan Survey’s insurance for Consulting Engineers consists of the following: Total annual sum insured is NOK 20 million, limited to 150 times the amount of NIS for the entire project to the principal party, and NOK 10 million to a third party. All assignments and projects are covered up to the amount mentioned.

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