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Scan Survey is one of Norway’s leading survey firms within the production of digital terrain models.
Mobile Mapping

Data collection with the mobile mapping systems Leica Pegasus:Backpack and Pegasus:Two, to create georeferenced laser data, models, and images.

  • Terrain models and detailed measurements
  • Tunnel surveying
  • 360-images
  • Heat in electrical components
  • GIS database and NVDB
  • Analysis of asphalt quality
  • Management, operation, and maintenance of roads
  • Periodic unit documentation
  • Building blueprints
  • Land reclamation
  • Modeling, BIM
  • Equipment park
  • Deliveries
Mapping by RPAS/Drone

Mapping and surveying by RPAS / drone to create orthophotos, oblique photos, and terrain models of medium sized areas, installations, land reclamation and fills, development areas, etc.

  • Photogrammetry
  • Cameras and sensors
  • Certified RPAS operator
staff member mapping a lake bed on a boat
Sonar and Marine Mapping

Scan Survey works with sonar for marine measurements in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.

  • Data processing from sonar
Terrain models and detailed measurements

Together with our clients, we deliver a foundation of unsurpassed quality which can be used for engineering, mass calculations, and visualization.

Laser Scanning and 3D-Modeling

Laser scanning is an extremely efficient method for data capture; providing an excellent description of the scanned surface in the form of a georeferenced point cloud.

3D-Manholes and 3D-Pipelines

Obtaining detailed records of water and sewerage systems has always been important, especially in ensuring progress and economic stability in the development of new infrastructure.

prism used for fixed mark measurements
Benchmark Measurement and Geodetic Networks

Scan Survey has extensive experience with establishing, measuring, calculating, adjusting, analyzing, reporting, quality checking, and maintaining geodetic networks.

train line track measurements
Track Measurement

Scan Survey ensures correct positioning for track geometry, technical infrastructure and surrounding terrain and buildings – both when developing new and maintaining existing tracks.

Project Management and Consultant Services

Verification of controllable quantities, mass calculation, geometric control, and documentation for FKB and NVDB.

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