Sonar and Marine Mapping


Scan Survey utilizes sonar for marine measurements in coastal waters, lakes, and rivers. The sonar produces a point cloud which is then processed into a TIN-model. This model is smoothly and seamlessly sewn together with other types of measurements such as land survey or photogrammetry by RPAS / drone.

Scan Survey uses a sensor from Simrad, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime AS. It is a single-beam sonar with two frequencies, with a lower limit of approximately 50 meters. The sonar is positioned with GPS / GNSS or total station. The picture below shows an example of a seamless model of both sonar and land survey data.

staff member mapping a lake bed on a boat

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A sonar map showing the depth of a lake

Data Processing from Sonar

Scan survey performs the entire process, from data capture with our sonar to building a complete 3D-TIN surface. The data is processed in our offices, where we combine the sonar data with laser scanning, field surveys, and RPAS into a complete, seamless terrain model. We have extensive experience delivering survey data to various companies, and purposes. Get in touch to find out more about the use of sonar in your project.