Fridtjof Andersen
Scan survey project manager Fridtjof Anderson

Fridtjof Andersen

Head of settlement monitoring services

Mobile: +47 907 95 604

Scan Survey Head of settlement monitoring

Fridtjof Andersen has been employed by Scan Survey since February 2019. He has a master’s degree in Geology through UNIS from the University of Oslo, which includes GIS-related subjects. Fridtjof’s knowledge comes in handy in planning and organizing larger projects. Fridtjof currently works as department manager for Settlement Follow-up and Monitoring.

Among other things, he leads the planning and implementation of leveling in Bane NOR’s Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad project. No less than 800 buildings are monitored, and Fridtjof uses GIS databases to handle the large amounts of information that will be collected over many years.