Mapping and Measuring by RPAS/Drone

Terrain Models with Drone Data

Scan Survey As offers mapping and modelling via RPAS / drone over construction sites, landfills / land reclamation, and gravel fills for mass calculations or engineering. We also use drones as documentation tools for larger projects. This method is an efficient system of measurement that is quickly mobilized.

Scan Survey staff members preparing to launch a drone to collect data.


RPAS / drones can be rigged with various types of cameras and sensors. The cameras take images with large overlap which is then post processed with photogrammetric software to create a detailed description of the surface area. The result of the calculations is a georeferenced point cloud which provides the basis for creating a TIN-model.

The point cloud has a density of 25-400 points per square meter, dependent upon height of the aircraft, calculation parameters, etc. The TIN-model can be delivered in various formats depending on the client’s needs. In addition, we can deliver detailed orthophotos which have GDS (ground resolution) of approximately 2-20 cm, depending on aircraft height and the client’s needs.

Drone and RPAS services offered

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Cameras and Sensors

Scan Survey operates both fixed-wing (aircraft) and multicopter platforms. The RPAS fixed-wing is a small aircraft made of carbon and light materials adapted to our use. The RPAS multicopter is a helicopter drone with 4 to 8 engines. The multicopter utilizes a gyro-stabilized camera which can be tilted up and down for images or video, both over and under constructions.

Navigational equipment is mounted on board to allow for autopilot navigation, while still allowing for manual control. We use a variety of drones, cameras, and lenses depending on the project. We have extensive experience with various types of sensors allowing us to always choose that which is best suited to the specific purpose.

Certified RPAS / Drone Operators

Scan Survey AS complies with the Norwegian Luftfartstilsynets requirements for level RO3, and all operators are certified according to the regulations. Scan Survey has all mandatory insurance covering third party damage, and approval by the National Security Authority for imaging with airborne sensor systems.

Scan Survey utilizes both fixed wing and multicopter drones.

Land reclamation and mass deposits

Drone mapping primarily utilizes photogrammetry as a method of measurement. Open areas without vegetation, such as land reclamation or fills, are therefor well suited to this method.

A finished terrain model of an area using data captured from a Drone.
Drone service offered using one of the best Fixedwing drones in the industry, the Wingtra
A finished terrain model of an area using data captured from a Drone.

The above image shows a point cloud created from drone operation, with generated TIN-model.

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